Attractions & Recreation

Below is a sampling of the attractions and activities that Victoria has to offer:

Community Recreation

乐百家彩票app下载in addition to the extracurricular activities offered at each school, international students can become involved in countless recreational activities within the community. numerous clubs and organizations around victoria cater to youth interests. municipal recreation centres feature swimming pools, ice skating rinks, gyms and a variety of sports and special interest programs. 

乐百家彩票app下载here are just some of the recreational activities available in victoria:

Recreation Activities

Tennis Golf Ice Skating
Curling Weight Training Aerobic Excercise
Dance Fencing Badminton
Yoga Music Cycling
Swimming Kayaking Rowing
Hiking  Martial Arts  
Local Attractions and Activities in Victoria
Attractions and Musuems
  • Whale watching
Arts and Entertainment
Recreation Centres
Sports Entertainment
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Lacrosse
  • Baseball
  • Hockey